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Gravimetric Feeders Components

We do manufacture various types of rollers and pulleys which are installed in Gravimetric Feeders. We do undertake complete project work for bulk machineries. The various type of rollers and pulleys manufactured by us are as follows:

We do manufacture head pulley which is installed in the gravimetric feeder. Our head pulley design is very unique with having a casting head on one side and a thick plate on the other. This casting is been specially developed for such type of pulleys.


Our tail pulleys carry a unique design where the slots are been specially cut using a specially made fixture. Every precaution is been taken to ascertain the rigidity and alignment of the pulley. There are about 9-10 different operations in the manufacturing of this pulley. We have been regularly manufacturing these pulleys on large scale.

We also manufacture Tension Rollers which are been installed in the Gravimetric Feeder. The shafts required for these rollers are also supplied with them.


We do supply the complete set required for the Sprocket Take-up pulley. This pulley is completely manufactured in-house along with the sprocket cutting. Again all these sprockets are very delicately fabricated onto the pulleys. And then these pulleys go for the final machining.


These are the smaller version of sprocket Pulleys which drive the conveyor. Complete set along with the bearing size machining is manufactured in-house in our factory.


Weigh Span rollers are manufactured in our factory. We have been continuously manufacturing these rollers in large quantities. These rollers are shipped in finish condition which can be installed readily in the feeder.
Shafts: We do manufacture various shafts required for the Gravimetric Feeders. This is our specialty.
Adjusted Weight Plate: We do supply the adjusted weight plate required for the gravimetric feeder.


We do have capabilities to manufacture the base plates required for the Gravimetric Feeder.
Along with the above products we do have capabilities to completely manufacture the outer shell of the feeder. With our state of art manufacturing facility in Bhiwandi we do have excellent capacity to manufacture various types of rollers and completely assemble the Gravimetric Feeders.

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